Speaker type - Floor standing, mini-monitor style with two enclosures and a three port, twin bass reflex loading.
Continuous power rating - 75 Wrms system power
Frequency response - 41Hz - 20kHz +/- 3db
Efficiency - 95 db/w/m
Recommended amplifiers - 3.5 - 75 Wrms into 8 ohms
Crossover frequency - 5 kHz acoustic
Impedance - 8 ohms nominal
Overall Dimensions - 8 3/4"w x 11 1/8"d x 38 7/8"h
- 22.3 cm w x 28.3 cm d x 98.3 cm h
Net weight - approx 33lbs, 15kgs
Cabinet - Upper cabinet is made of "/ 12mm MDF with select panels damped with a lead, rubberized bitumen laminate and acoustic foam.
- Lower cabinet is made of 1"/ 25mm MDF with acoustic foam damping.
Crossover - Audiophile, premium grade components and wiring tuned for a smooth frequency response with minimal off axis variation and low system distortions.
Woofer - 6 " / 17cm driver extensively modified by fab audio. It has a uniquely damped steel basket, ultra light cone made from kenaf fibre paper, light foam surround, large 21oz/.6kg magnet and 1 3/8"/ 36 mm voice coil. A custom made " rubber gasket is used to isolate vibration between driver and cabinet.
Tweeter - Precision manufactured " hyperdome tweeter with double magnet structure for high efficiency.