Our designs employ intriguing shapes, uncommon materials and unique topologies with one goal in mind… to create products with a rare degree of musicality and performance. All our products are meticulously hand crafted and thoroughly tested. 

The high efficiency and remarkable transient response found in the better loudspeaker systems of the 1940’s and 50’s is taken to a new level of refinement by the application of modern material, design and measurement technologies.

Our challenge is to produce state of the art loudspeaker systems with the inner detail, low distortion and coherence of the best electrostatic loudspeakers as well as the high efficiency, high power handling and neutral tonal balance of advanced dynamic drivers. We feel that all our designs comfortably meet these conflicting goals.

The “Model 1” is our current flagship. Its form follows function baffleless design, uncompromising braced laminate construction and mirror like gloss finish combine to create a true audio sculpture.

We use the most efficient, non-horn loaded drivers we can source in an unusual dual 10” 2way design. At 97db/w/m and a 30Hz bass roll off we have created a truly coherent and detailed full range, high efficiency loudspeaker system with the weight and authority of the live event.



Speaker type - Floor standing sculptured tower with a dynamic 2 1/2 way, 3 speaker system and bass reflex loading
Continuous power rating - 150 Wrms system power
Frequency response - 32 Hz – 20kHz +/- 3db
Efficiency - 97 db/w/m
Recommended amplifiers - 3.5 – 300 Wrms into 8 ohms
Crossover frequency - 2,200 Hz acoustic
- 80 Hz acoustic low pass filtering of rear woofer
Impedance - 6 ohms nominal with minimal impedance variation
Dimensions - 16” W x 18” D x 45 Ό” H
- 41cm W x 46cm D x 115cm H
Net weight - approx 150lbs, 68kgs
Cabinet - Front wall constructed with a proprietary 1 ½” / 37mm laminate of MDF, plastic and cotton, that has a broadband attenuation of 46 db
 - Select panels are damped with a lead, rubberized bitumen laminate
- Extensive internal bracing used throughout
Crossover - Audiophile, premium grade components and wiring tuned for a smooth frequency response with minimal off axis variation and low system distortions
Woofer - Two 10” / 25cm, 200 Wrms drivers each with a cast basket, rough molded heavy paper cone, doped and pleated cloth surround, massive focused 90oz. magnet and 3” / 75mm voice coil
- Linear Xmax of +/- 4.5mm
Tweeter Precision machined aluminum faceplate with phase plug, aluminum dome, braided lead wires and a powerful magnet system without liquid cooling for maximum transient performance and efficiency